Team for Life is a unique program for every type of person who wants to do good for others while staying healthy and active. It is a training program that is all inclusive for individuals living anywhere in the USA. Team for Lifers are the new mommy or daddy pushing their baby in a stroller, the couch potato looking to get moving and stay motivated, and the regular jogger who runs because s/he can. Team for Life is also for the endurance athlete who is looking to set a Personal Record or for the unstoppable cancer survivor!

The one thing all Team for Lifers have in common is the desire to do good by fundraising to help advanced stage cancer patients have a chance at life. Team for Lifers are lifesavers. Thank you for joining the Team for Life family!

Lazarex Cancer Foundation

At Lazarex Cancer Foundation we improve the outcome of cancer care, giving hope, dignity and life to end stage cancer patients and the medically underserved by providing assistance with costs for FDA clinical trial participation, identification of clinical trial options, community outreach and education. Lazarex is a resource for cancer patients who've been told they have no other options, but who are not yet done with their journey in life and refuse to give up.

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Endurance Races

Lazarex Cancer Foundation's Team for Life has teams involved with numerous endurance events throughout the country. Learn more about upcoming races and opportunities to contribute to Team for Life.

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