No matter what the time of day, there is probably a GILLIG transit bus working somewhere – in Hawaii a GILLIG bus is on its last run for the night, while in Florida another GILLIG bus is starting its first run for the next day – but it wasn’t always like that. In fact, when GILLIG started in business, buses didn’t even exist! 

GILLIG was founded over 115 years ago, in 1890, in San Francisco, for the purpose of modifying and building buggies and carriages - the main mode of transportation at that time. GILLIG adapted to the new horseless technology, but in 1906 the factory burned down in the great San Francisco earthquake and fire. That setback didn’t keep GILLIG down, the factory was soon rebuilt and the production of early model buses began, followed later by school buses and troop transports.

Creative engineering and aggressive problem solving led to many innovative product firsts, such as the patented California Top for touring cars of the 1920's, the first transit style school bus in the 1930's, the first rear engine diesel powered coach in 1959, and the first production built, dedicated LNG transit bus in 1992 - all products using advanced technology of the day to optimize quality and value.

Today, GILLIG only builds heavy-duty transit buses. They come in different lengths and in two basic models, the standard floor model called the Phantom and the newer Low Floor model. Both models have very good reputations having proven to be very reliable, durable and economical to operate. GILLIG buses are highly regarded by the U.S. transit industry, and GILLIG has a solid reputation of being the most stable and financially secure company, focused on satisfying our customers and delivering on our promises.

We thank GILLIG for their ongoing support.

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