Half MarathonsYou are probably more familiar with donating clothes, money, food and other personal items. But did you know that you could donate a car (or other vehicle like a boat or motorcycle) as well? It is not as complicated as it sounds and certainly would mean volumes to the charity that you are donating the car for. It could also create a great tax deduction for you to enjoy as a token of appreciation. If you are looking to donate a car, then here are some tips that would help you understand the process better.

It is easy to donate a car to charity. All it takes is to find out which charity that supports your cause accepts car donations. There are numerous organizations that are more than willing to deal with your car donation requests. However, it is always advisable to do your homework and determine if they are capable of handling such a donation and if it will be worthwhile to you and the cause in general. Companies that provide car donation services (like towing, repairs, advertising, DMV fees) to help with your donation efforts tend to keep almost half of the money gained from the car donation. While half is better than none, contact your charity directly to see if they can process your car donation request without using a car donation service.

Once you have decided on the organization that you would like to donate to, a simple phone call can get you started towards making your donation. The charitable organization would get some simple details on your vehicle, such as make and model. They would then schedule a pick up time and your car would be a donated item.

One thing you need to remember when you want to donate a car, or other vehicle, is that it does not have to be in working condition. Therefore, it would certainly make sense to donate it rather than have them lie in your backyard.

When you donate a car to your favorite organization, you would certainly help them with a significant donation that they could add to their resources. A car donation is great as these cars would be auctioned in whole or parts and converted to cash before being passed on the organization. Your donation could go to helping the organization with their activities, research and much more. You can do wonders with that car.

Here are some tips to ensure that your car donation reaps the most benefits for the charity and you. To ensure that the charity reaps the maximum benefits from your donation, it might help if you delivered the vehicle to them yourself. This would certainly save them the cost of transporting your vehicle, allowing for those funds to go towards the charity as well. Also if you are looking for a quality tax deduction from your donation, you should ensure that the organization that you are donating to is an IRS-approved 501(c) (3) organization.

When you donate a car, you are taking a great step to help out an organization in need and do your part for a better society. It might take some time but is certainly would be worth your time and efforts. Be sure to do your part to ensure that your donation efforts are going to the right place and helping the organization and charity that you intended it for.

Lazarex Cancer Foundation is happy to accept your donated car, boat or RV through Action Donation Services. They take good care of us and they will take good care of you. To donate call toll free (866) 244-8464 and tell them you want to donate your vehicle to Lazarex Cancer Foundation, or complete our donation form.