If you would like to do something worthwhile with your old car, you can do more than merely sell the car. You could donate a car as a contribution to a worthy cause. This can be a cause of any magnitude and certainly should be something that you feel strongly about.

The process that you follow to donate a car is rather simple. You would contact the charity that would accept a car or other automobiles as a type of donation. They would then verify the make and model of your car. After a few simple procedures, you would be asked to schedule a pick up date. Your vehicle would then be driven or picked up from you and driven away to be auctioned.

There are many ways this car would create more money for the organization. At the end of the day, the car donation dealers and the charities would reach a consented agreement on how much money comes out of this car donation. Depending on the value, you, the donor, could also get ample tax benefits from this magnanimous donation.

When you donate a car, you do more than get yourself a tax break. You also get the organization that you are donating to a substantial amount of money. But it is important to do your research and learn about all parties involved with your car donation. One should ensure that neither the donor nor the organization that is to enjoy these donations, are being shortchanged. Many times, there are middlemen agencies that offer to handle all the proceedings of your car donation transactions. These companies tend to take about half of the money that comes from this donation. Therefore, if you can go through it, it would be advisable that you directly contact the charity and deal with them to process your donation.

It is also important to do your homework before you set out to donate a car. Firstly, you must be sure that the charity that you are seeking accepts car donations. Secondly, you must find out how they determine the value of the car and see if it’s a worthy donation to this cause. If you are looking to get your tax deductions from this car donation, you should be sure that they are appropriately registered with the IRS so that your donation counts towards getting you a deduction. One more thing you should consider doing is to transport the car to the charity yourself. While they do help out with the transport, you should remember that this cost is something that the charity is taking on, leaving less to go towards their cause and needs. You could do them a favor by taking on this expense.

In all, when you donate a car, you are doing a great deed that speaks volumes for you. It takes a lot to make such a big donation. You are not only parting with something that means a lot to you, but also ensuring that their proceeds go towards a good cause. Now be sure to choose the right cause and be on your way to doing a great deed today. Be sure to do your research and make the process of donating a car easy, smooth and effective for all parties.