You have spent the last few months vigorously preparing to get through the marathons. Now that you are nearing the big day, you should ensure that your body is fueled to handle the upcoming marathon.

Many people training for these marathon sessions would do great throughout their training period. They would eat well, train the right amount, get ample sleep and in fact do everything right. However, a few slips in the last minute could cost them their entire training session and the chance to be part of the marathon that they so desired. Therefore, one should avoid such errors and be aware of what to do and what not to do the week before the marathon. Here are a few things that you should do and others say that you should avoid doing days before the marathon. These guidelines are essential to ensure that your body and mind continues to be ready to face the upcoming marathon.  They would help make all that training and strict lifestyle changes worth it.

Things You Should Do a Week before Marathons

1. Eat appropriately.

Be sure to eat the right proportions of the right nutrients and be extra strict in doing so the week before the marathon. For instance, you should eat the right amounts of carbohydrates, fats, fiber, proteins and other vitamins and minerals. Too much or too little could cause harm to your body and not allow it to serve you well during the marathons.

Be sure to watch what you eat and how much of it you eat. Too much of something might cause harm, even if it is a useful component to your body.

2. Rest your body

Be sure that you get the right amount of rest and not to push your body too far days before the marathons. Any training that you would have done should have been done much earlier. Pushing your body so close to the big race could cause undue injury and can only hamper your chances of succeeding during the marathon.

It is important that you let the muscles relax and that you get ample sleep the week before a marathon.  Remember that you would be exerting it a lot as you try to win the marathon. It is unproductive to deprive yourself of sleep, or be anxious at this point. Assure yourself that you have done your best to be prepared and watch the outcome. There is nothing you can do now. All you can do is rest and give your body the advantage to do its best for you in the races.

Things You Shouldn’t Do a Week before Marathons
There are a lot of dietary errors that people do days before their marathons. While their intentions might be good, this would cause them more discomfort and prevent them from doing well on the marathon.

Some of these errors include eating way too much fiber, stuffing up on carbohydrates days before the actual race. Other mistakes include having too much fluids days before the marathons. This could cause serious ailments that would do more than prevent you from running the marathon.  Also if you are lactose intolerant, you should stay away from dairy products that could cause you much discomfort.

It is commendable that you made it this far while preparing for marathons. Now let us watch you succeed by making sure that you do the right thing for your body to ensure that it helps you through the marathon.